T5W: Favorite Character Names

Today for Top 5 Wednesday I’ll be listing 5 of my favorite character names. I’ve had a thing for names since I was a kid. I’d spend hours scouring baby name websites, making lists, and creating Sims with my favorites. For the purposes of today’s list, I’ll include more unusual names, over-the-top names, or name combinations to help me narrow down the options. Continue reading “T5W: Favorite Character Names”

T5W: Movies I Think Ruin The Books

Last week for Top 5 Wednesday I listed the movies I like just as much as their books, and the week before that I listed the movies I think are better than the books. Today I’m wrapping up this theme with the top 5 movies I thought did its book an injustice. There are MANY that could be on this list, but I’ve limited it to the worst offenders. Continue reading “T5W: Movies I Think Ruin The Books”