TBR: February 2023 (Tarotathon, Blackathon, Buzzwordathon, roll100)

So many readathons are happening in February! I forced myself to limit which ones I’m participating in to be realistic about how much I can read, and I probably still went overboard. I’ll be joining Tarotathon, Blackathon, and getting to my Buzzwordathon and roll100 prompts. Here are the books I’m planning to read next month.

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TBR: JourneyAThon and Bookemon, Round 3

The JourneyAThon and Bookemon readathons, both in round 3, will occur during all of May this year. I’ve participated in both readathons in earlier rounds, and they’re a ton of fun. Bookemon is all about reading books to collect Pokemon by types. For JourneyAThon, readers need to pick a path across a fictional map to the destination city, and there are lots of travel choices along the way!

Both readathons have awesome systems in place for picking teams and counting points to make it extra fun. I’ve found myself distracted by those features in past, putting more time into points than reading, so I’m just going to stick to matching books to prompts to guide my TBR.

The books I’m going to read, along with the prompts they fill, are:

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