Wrap Up: 2022

Hello everyone! I’m excited to be back on Booktube and book blogging after an almost 3 year hiatus. I figured there’s no better way to come back than with stats, so in this post I’ll be overviewing my 2022 year of reading. Click here for the video version of this post.

I switched from Goodreads to Storygraph a year or two ago, so I’ll summarize all the great data they offer, and since they allow for half (and quarter) star ratings, I can finally give more nuanced reviews.

My first book last year was Defy or Defend by Gail Carriger, which I loved, and my last book was Sacred Nature by Karen Armstrong, which I didn’t love. I definitely hit a reading slump at the end of last year, plus November was NaNoWriMo which is why all the numbers drop drastically.

I read mostly fantasy and self-help genres. I find Storygraph’s genres a little confusing because they list things like gender, LGBTQ+, and video games, which I see as topics or characteristics rather than genres.

My book lengths averaged 259 pages and 10 days to read each one, though there are definitely outliers skewing those stats. Authors I read the most were Joely Sue Burkhart, who writes erotica, and Mira Grant, who writes horror. Very different genres, but hey, I like to read all kinds of things.

Storygraph says I have no DNFs, but that must be because I kind of circumvent their DNF system. They don’t consider a DNF book to have been read, but I do, so I initially mark a DNF as read so I can add my rating and review, then mark it DNF, but apparently that messes up my stats. I’m okay with that, ultimately.

My most liked moods were challenging, funny, and hopeful. I liked fast-paced books and nonfiction. The mood I read was primarily informative, probably because I read so much nonfiction, followed by lighthearted. Given what’s happening in the world the past few years, can you blame me? My most read pace was medium, and I read mostly shorter books though a good chunk were medium length. I read equal amounts print and audio and will always read the audio of a book if it’s available; I find it easier to focus than I do with print, and it saves my eyes.

And that about does it for my 2022 year of reading! I’ll be doing a separate post on my favorite books of the year. I’m debating doing a post on my least favorite books as well, but I kind of want to keep things positive. What do you think? Do you find negative reviews interesting? Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see me discuss my zero and half star reviews. Until next time, have a great day!

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