TTT: Books To Be Made Into Movies

Top Ten Tuesday is currently hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover, but I can’t really think of any signs that aren’t the same old, same old, so I’m doing a past topic instead: Books To Be Made Into Movies.

Now honestly, I’ve been disappointed by movie versions of books so often that I tend not to think, after reading a great book, that a movie should be made from it. (I’ve listed a few exceptions here and here.)

For the purposes of this list, I’m making the caveat that these books would make great movies IF AND ONLY IF the movie makers actually make the book’s contents into a faithful adaptation and don’t eff it up royally. Also, I might love a book to death, but books that focus on lush writing and internalized emotional arcs just won’t translate to a visual format, so I haven’t included those types.

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T5W: Favorite Character Names

Today for Top 5 Wednesday I’ll be listing 5 of my favorite character names. I’ve had a thing for names since I was a kid. I’d spend hours scouring baby name websites, making lists, and creating Sims with my favorites. For the purposes of today’s list, I’ll include more unusual names, over-the-top names, or name combinations to help me narrow down the options. Continue reading “T5W: Favorite Character Names”

TTT: Genre Freebie (Jewish Characters)

Top Ten Tuesday is currently hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is Genre Freebie: pick a genre and build a list around it. I chose to feature my top ten books with Jewish characters. And only ONE of them is a Holocaust story, because while we should never forget, there’s more to Jewish life and history than World War II. Continue reading “TTT: Genre Freebie (Jewish Characters)”

TBR: O.W.L.s Magical Readathon – Year 3

Ah, a readathon of epic fantasy proportions. The premise is to choose a Harry Potter-related career and read books based on the testing requirements to enter that career. How fun is that? The creator goes through an incredible amount of work to set up the O.W.L.s readathon (April 2020) and, in a few months, the N.E.W.T.s readathon. I participated in both last year (trying to become a Curse Breaker) and had a blast. Full information about the readathons can be found at the Magical Readathon Twitter account.

Since I bought plants for the first time this year & haven’t managed to kill them yet, I’m feeling confident enough to pursue the Herbologist career. Below are the O.W.L.s I’ll need to achieve and optional seminar requirements, along with their reading prompts and the books I chose.

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T5W: Movies I Think Ruin The Books

Last week for Top 5 Wednesday I listed the movies I like just as much as their books, and the week before that I listed the movies I think are better than the books. Today I’m wrapping up this theme with the top 5 movies I thought did its book an injustice. There are MANY that could be on this list, but I’ve limited it to the worst offenders. Continue reading “T5W: Movies I Think Ruin The Books”